Benten Vesta

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Bovine of American origin. Average size of each hide is around 46-58 sft and thickness is 0.9-1.1mm.

About the Leather:

Our leather is 100% premium Italian which has gone through all the tests.It is durable flexible material created by tanning of animal raw hides and widely used in the furniture,automotive & various other industries, Our inventory includes ready-stock of the finest Italian leather and we strive to provide great value and savings every day.This means we only sell leather hides that meet or exceed industry standards along with excellent customer service.


Leather can be ordered by the hide. Hides normally vary in size from 46-62 square feet and are trimmed to minimise wastage. The colours of the hide may vary from batch to batch.

The diagram represents the shape and size of a typical hide, measuring approximately 52 square feet/ 4.83 square meter.

A linear meter of 50"-54" fabric is equal to 18 square feet or 1.67 square meter of leather

Test Test Method Measurement Guaranteed
Thickness ISO2589 mm 0.9-1.1

Colour fastness to 

Rubbing Dry-500 Cycles

ISO11640 Grey Scale >=4

Colour fastness to 

Rubbing Wet -250 Cycles

ISO11640 Grey Scale >=3/4

Tear strength

Single edge tear

ISO337-1 N >=20

Colour fastness to 

Artificial light

ISO105 B02 Blue Scale >=5
Finish Adhesion- Dry ISO11644 N/Cm >=2
Flexing Endurance - Dry ISO5402 Cycles >50.000
Cold Cracking ISO17233 -20°C Pass