Ergo-Life (King Koil)

King Koil

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Some Unique Features of King Koil Mattress Range
1. High Tensile Pre Shrunk Coil - No need to flip or Rotate
2. Air Mesh Fabric - For Mattress to breathe
3. Crocodile Tape - To grip the sheets
4. Antibacterial coated fabric to prevent bacterial growth, Bedbugs, Dust mites
5. One of the longest warranty in the industry
6. Endorsed by most leading Hospitality Chains
7. Range of models to suit each individual Need
Tried and Tested worldwide and available in 80 countries globally. 
You spend a third of your life on your mattress choose wisely.

The Most Versatile Sleep System 

Special features:

  • Designed by Ergonomists  & Doctors for luxurious comfort while maintaining good posture
  • Back and Leg individual movements operated with wireless remote
  • Luxurious upholstered Headboard and Outer-cover with Drawers included with adjustable beds
  • 100% pure Natural Latex mattress of 5 inches covered with luxurious knitted fabric cover
  • Alloes you to maintain good posture while enjoying reading, watching tv or simply lounging.
  • Perfect for patients with back pain, neck pain, vertigo, acid reflux and swelling legs
  • The right reclining posture soothes tired muscles and leaves you feeling rejuvenated

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